An Ounce of AC Prevention Equals a Ton of Savings

An Ounce of AC Prevention Equals a pound of Cure

We all know the wise saying of “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” and that is never more true than in the home.

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SPRING is Here and SUMMER is on it’s Way   Be prepared. 

Every spring comes along and inside the (HVAC) Heating and Cooling world the service requests change from furnaces to air conditioning units.   As temperatures increase so do the service calls.  A great way for you to keep from having to sit through 100 degree temperatures and 100% humidity is to call and request an inspection of your AC unit or even more savings sign up for one of our Maintenance plans to prevent the issues before they ever happen.  Get the peace of mind that comes with being prepared this spring.  You will probably SAVE a lot too – As the old adage says “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Perhaps the biggest gain from prevention is peace of mind.  Unexpected repair bills and the stress of sitting in the heat with no place or way to escape the humidity of Maryland is no way to start off the summer.  We pride ourselves with excellent response time to even new customers, so if you find yourself in need of Heating or Cooling service we will be there to help out and get you into a comfortable temperature.  However it is even a better place to live in when nothing is going wrong and you have the peace of mind that a professional has come to your home and maintained your equipment which will mean good living conditions for you and your loved ones.  The savings in utility bills is a nice side effect of having an efficient Heating and Cooling system in your home and or Business.

Grove gladly serves all of central Maryland but specializes from Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Baltimore Maryland and Washington D.C. with out courteous, prompt and award winning in training for the Heating and Cooling services.

If we can be of service please call us anytime you need us. Or better yet call us for a little Prevention  (410) 721-5595 or (301) 464-5161

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