Air Conditioning Maryland – Spring Top 5 Tips

Here are 5 great Air Conditioning tips to help with your Spring Cleaning, Reduce your energy bills and be Ready for the Summer AC season before HEAT get’s here.  We hope this helps

5) Inspect and Replace your air filters

This is a simple but often overlooked way to clean the airAC filter and improve the quality you and your family are breathing every day.   A filter which has become clogged with hair, pet dander, mold, pollen, dust humidity or number of pollutants and particles means that your system has to work harder to provide the same amount of conditioned air and that means higher bills.  Changing the filters can mean cleaner air and SAVINGS.

4) Checkout your Duct work and Vents

inspect vent tipDuct work that has leaks and/or obstructions can create a loss of quality air flow and even pull contaminants into your air handling system and introduce them into your living area.  Often ducts run through enclosed areas with insulation and rough loose particles.  Having a quality ventilation system encloses the fresh conditioned air and saves you money as leaky duct work can cause 23% loss in energy and increase your utility bills.  Duct work which is built to older standards can be undersized and even obstructed to impede smooth flow causing the system to work harder and increase energy bills.  There are great alternatives to older systems like our mini-split systems which are very popular and creates savings

3) Check your outdoor unit and the area around it

The compressor and bulk of your Air Conditioning unit is outside the house and over this long, cold, snowy and wet winter and spring can create conditions in and around the unit which can make this unit have to work harder or stop working all together.  Look around your outdoor unit and see if there are leaves inside or out of the unit.  Cleaning the debris out of the unit means that the unit will work more efficiently and last longer saving you money in repairs, replacement and SAVINGS on your utility bills.  The area around the unit should also be clear.  As the Spring flora grows leaves and blooms they crowd the air around the unit and obstruct air flow and reduce the ability to radiate heat out of the unit.  A good clearance distance of two foot or more is recommended.

2)  Test your Air Conditioning unit

Simple enough to test your air conditioning unit before spring-test-tipthe sweltering, oppressive heat of summer comes along and you NEED it.  Turning on the AC unit and having it run for a short time and feel the air testing to see if it provides the same cool relaxing air that it did last summer will be a great feeling!  If it is not delivering cool enough air, schedule an appointment now to avoid the rush of summer calls and ruining your special event.  

#1) Schedule your Spring Air Conditioning maintenance Call (410) 721-5595 or (301) 464-5161

Grove HVAC offers an inspection and maintenance plan which is unparalleled and with over 50 years of combined experience, being Certified, Licensed, Accredited and Insured means that one simple call to Grove means Peace of Mind.  We would like to show you our Kindness, Respect, Integrity and Hard Work.grovehvac logo