Air Conditioning Ready? Spring in Maryland

Air Conditioning repair in Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Pasadena Maryland and surrounding areas will be on the rise.  Spring is here in the central Maryland areas and great temperatures encourage all of us to get out and do a little spring cleaning.  Preparing your Heating and Cooling system with an Air Conditioning inspection of more than 40 points is a good way to be prepared.

Air Conditioning repair in MD   Air Conditioning Service in Maryland

Spring is here in central Maryland and we have a few helpful suggestions which may help your allergies, comfort and be prepared when the warm temperatures means you are ready to turn on the Air Conditioning.

1) Inspect & Replace your AC Filters

An easy step you can take is to inspect and replaceAC filters in Maryland your air filters.  With the furnace still running in the evenings and the moist air from the heavy snows and soon to be “April Showers” air filters can get dirty and clogged  with hair, pet dander, mold, pollen, dust humidity or number of pollutants and particles.  This makes your system work harder and increases wear.  A simple change of your air filters can increase your comfort with Cleaner Air.

2) Check your Air Conditioning Duct Work & Vents

Air Conditioning Vents in MarylandWith the change from Heating to Cooling you may want to open vents in the upper portions of your home or business and close off rooms which are not used in the spring and summer seasons.

If you have an older HVAC system you may want to consider upgrading your ventilation system because duct work that has leaks and/or obstructions can create a loss of quality air flow and even pull contaminants into your air handling system and introduce them into your living area.  Often ducts run through enclosed areas with insulation and rough loose particles.  Having a quality ventilation system encloses the fresh conditioned air and saves you money as leaky duct work can cause 23% loss in energy and increase your utility bills.  Duct work which is built to older standards can be undersized and even obstructed to impede smooth flow causing the system to work harder and increase energy bills.  Pulling unfiltered air can increase pollen and mold in the living space.

3) Check your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

The outdoor portion of your Air Conditioning is exposed to the elements from the winter elements.  These freezing temperatures along with ice and snow can make surrounding components expand and contract.  This can make older units which are on their “last legs” fatigue and fail.  The area around the unit should also be clear.  The unit itself should be relatively level, not stressing the connecting lines nor wires.  As the Spring flora grows leaves and blooms they crowd the air around the unit and obstruct air flow and reduce the ability to radiate heat out of the unit.  A good clearance distance of two foot or more is recommended.  Knowing when to replace your AC unit before an emergency is optimal and means a simple installation of a new and more efficient AC system in areas like Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Pasadena Maryland.

4) Air Conditioning units in Maryland – Preseason Testing

Many thermostats are programmed and the switch from Heating to Cooling is relatively simple.  Other, older thermostats controlling yourAC repair service in MD Air Conditioning system need to be checked manually.  It is a good idea to test your AC early before the heat of summer is here and service calls become and emergency.  A short test of the Cooling Setting on your system can assure you that you will receive the same cool, relaxing, comfortable air that it provided last year.

Being prepared brings peace of mind.

5) Schedule your Spring Air Conditioning maintenance – Call (410) 721-5595 or (301) 464-5161

At Grove Heating and Cooling we provide a 44 point inspection and maintenance HVAC plan for your convenience and peace of mind as well as cost savings.  Our decades of experience and constant training means that you can be assured that all your heating and Air Conditioning needs are well maintained and ready to perform in your Maryland home, business or commercial building.  We are Certified, Licensed, Accredited and Insured in all our services.  Being locally owned and operated means that we stand behind out family values of Kindness, Respect, Integrity and Hard Work in all your Air Conditioning needs to our core service areas of Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and Pasadena Maryland.

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