Geothermal in Maryland

Geothermal installation, service, benefits and tax credits in Maryland are just some of the things that we at GroveHVAC Heating and Cooling provide.  With experience totaling over 30 years we have developed a great process for providing, to our core areas, geothermal services in Annapolis, Maryland, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and Pasadena. We answer many questions that you may have on our 5 webpages dedicated to Geothermal Systems, Benefits, FAQ, Savings Calculator and Tax Credits

Geothermal in MarylandGROVE Geothermal Benefits

We’ve been working in the field for years and have worked out a Proven process for maximizing the results and benefits while minimizing the impact to the homeowner and business owners.  Our equipment is optimized as well.  We know you care about your yard and property and with our years of experience and specialized equipment we create the smallest impact to your yard, using specialized mats and trucks.

As of this writing : There are still Tax credits, Grants and Rebates available from the State of Maryland, Federal, BGE and several of the Maryland Counties.  You can find more of the details on the Geothermal Tax Credits webpage.  Or call us at (410) 721-5595   or   (301) 464-5161

Some of the most common questions we get are about savings and lifespan.  We have worked out an experienced Geothermal Process with recoup of initial investment in 3-5 years.  Lifespan of the system that we have proved over the YEARS of experience You can expect your equipment to last 15+ years and the underground loops typically come with a 50-year guarantee.

  • Heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer
  • Provide 95% of your hot water for free
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by 50% to 70%

Our HVAC and Geothermal Core Area of Service

We have a core service area of Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Pasadena but expand well across the state of Maryland.  Our Geothermal experience, Equipment and Proven Process are second to none.  Call us today with any questions about how we can SAVE you money.

(410) 721-5595     or     (301) 464-5161