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The year 2017 is just about over and the New Year is upon us in Maryland.  Temperatures are colder than normal with lows in the teens and highs only in the 30s and that means your Heating system will be working more frequently than normal.  Our HVAC technicians have been working around the local towns of central Maryland, including waterfront Annapolis,  the homes and businesses of Pasadena, Laurel, Bowie, the commercial and residential College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and the variety of homes in Davidsonsville for their varied HVAC systems.

HVAC Company in Maryland

Heating System Choices for Maryland

There are several choice for heating systems in Maryland.  Many areas have the multiple fuel options like electric, oil and gas, this can lead to variety of choices to fit your needs.  You may be limited depending on the community or current utilities run to the home, business or commercial property or existing heating system.  However new construction, renovation and complete remodel could be the time to re-evaluate the choice of heating system to fit your needs and save your money.  While it is rare that heating systems are changed in existing properties it does happen.


Furnaces are a traditional and common heating system for many Maryland home and businesses.  The components are time tested with manufacturers having good success with their processes and this leads to warranties which can protect your investment.  At Grove HVAC we have decades of experience with furnace installation, repair and maintenance.  They are a good choices for many traditional homes, business and commercial properties.

Heat Pumps

Many single family homes and town houses in Maryland have been constructed with heat pumps.  They are also time tested and have good results for many types of homes across central Maryland.  Like all heating systems a heat pump will suffer and have poor performance when it is undersized for the space it needs to heat.  When heat pumps go out of their normal frequency and are asked to work “overtime” they can use a lot of extra energy and this can drive utility bills up substantially.  We are happy to help you with any needs you may have with your heat pump in central Maryland.


Boilers are an interesting heating system for Maryland homes.  Heating water to keep a home or even a commercial building is nothing new. Although the technique has been around for a long time the equipment and efficiency has increased.  If you have an older boiler system and see it loosing its efficiency feel free to call us and let us help you with increasing the efficiency with a “tune up / maintenance.”  You may be surprised how much of an increase in productivity can be had.   In many situations a Boiler system has the ability to be flexible so that you can choose to have multiple smaller boilers rather than one large boiler system.  We would be glad to bring our experience in boilers for the home, business and commercial properties for your needs.


Many people have a good idea of the basics behind geothermal HVAC systems in Maryland.  The details are very important performance and the long term comfort.  Having geothermal experience in staff, equipment, local areas and the geothermal system itself we are ready to help with all your questions.  We’ll be glad to work with you to see if geothermal is a good fit for your needs.


With many existing older homes, businesses and commercial properties the construction make it difficult and expensive to convert to a traditional HVAC system. Mini-splits have the unique ability to work without ductwork.  With many homes of brick, block and lower ceilings, I beams and existing limitations for converting a mini-split can be answer which is efficient and reliable with minimal change to the home or business.  We have the experience and industry connections to make a mini-split installation, maintenance smooth and a good HVAC heating choice for many situations in Maryland.

HVAC Company in Maryland

Heating Systems in Maryland

The key to a good solution for your HVAC is having the proper research into your needs for finding the right decision for your heating system in Maryland.  We all want to be comfortable, at a reasonable monthly utility rate and dependable service.  Perhaps that is best summarized by saying “It is so good that you shouldn’t have to think about if your HVAC system will keep you comfortable.”   With all the cold temperatures forecast in the next couple weeks we hope that everyone is comfortable and enjoys the sights and sounds of winter with friends and family in Maryland.

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