Geothermal Benefits, Save Money and Help the Environment

You might have heard that geothermal systems are better than traditional heating and cooling methods, but what exactly makes them better? Here are the key benefits that come with owning a geothermal system.

Low Operating Cost

Compared to the AC and furnace setup, a geothermal system is more efficient, as it transfers energy instead of producing it. For every unit of electricity used it can deliver up to five units of energy for heating or cooling your home. What does it mean to you? It means incredible long-term savings on keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Besides, some of the heat can be captured, reclaimed and used to heat your water, saving you money here as well.

Reliability and Durability

Because some components are installed indoors and some are buried under the ground, the system doesn’t receive that much wear and is better protected against the elements. As a bonus, you don’t have to deal with noisy outdoor condensers – all geothermal equipment operates quietly and requires minimal maintenance. You can expect your equipment to last 15+ years and the underground loops typically come with a 50-year guarantee.


A geothermal system is a truly green way to heat and cool your home. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gasses or use any EPA-controlled substances, such a Freon that tends to leak.