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Your home’s heat pump keeps you comfortable throughout the year. If you start to have problems with your heat pump, understand that small repair issues get larger when you ignore what is going on. At Grove Heating & Cooling, we are ready to address your heat pump repair needs in Columbia, MD and the surrounding area.

Your heat pump should be serviced twice a year, once at the beginning of the cooling season, and again at the start of the heating season. With good maintenance, you can expect your heat pump to last about 15 years. Even when you invest in service for your heat pump twice a year, there are still times that your heat pump is going to break. Grove Heating & Cooling is a family-owned and operated business, and we know what it takes to keep your family comfortable throughout the year. If your heat pump needs repair, it’s time to give us a call.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

There will come a time in the lifespan of your heat pump when it makes more sense to replace it instead of continuing to repair it. Once your heat pump is more than 10 years old, constant repairs are a warning sign that you will need to replace your heat pump instead. If you aren’t sure if it is time to repair or replace your heat pump, consider the following:

  • The age of your heat pump.
  • How often it needs to be repaired.
  • The cost of running your heat pump this year compared to the cost of last season.
  • If the heat pump is under warranty.

Once your heat pump is serviced twice a year, your system should be good to cool or heat your home for the season. If you need to call for heat pump repair service a number of times, it’s time to think about replacing your heat pump. Take a look at the cost of your repair. The higher the cost of a repair, the more it makes sense to lean towards a heat pump replacement.

Signs You Should Repair Your Heat Pump

Your Rate of Energy Use

One of the first things you might notice if you need your heat pump repaired is energy costs that go out of control. Look over your bill to make sure the problem isn’t simply related to the cost of fuel. Look at your energy usage rates. A heat pump that is no longer efficient will use excessive energy to keep your home comfortable.

Your Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your heat pump turns on and off, without getting your home to the set temperature. This can occur if your air filters are dirty, if the thermostat is broken, or if there are more serious problems with your heat pump. If you replace the air filter and the thermostat is not the problem, you will need to have your heat pump inspected to see what is going on.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

Once your heat pump can’t be repaired to efficiently cool and heat your home, it’s time to have your heat pump replaced. It can be difficult to decide that it’s time to replace your heat pump, but some obvious signs your heat pump needs to be replaced include:

  • The repair is expensive, and your heat pump is more than 10 years old.
  • Your system is fixed but is still using excessive energy to cool or heat your home.
  • You can’t get your home to the right temperature, even after repairs.
  • The heat pump is too small to adequately heat or cool your home.

Once you replace your inefficient heat pump with a new unit, you will have the heating and cooling you need to stay comfortable throughout the year. It is worth the investment to purchase a new heat pump when you are spending too much money on repairs.

Schedule Routine Maintenance as Needed

Keep your heat pump well-maintained throughout the year to avoid emergency heat pump repairs. When your system is serviced before you need to have it on daily, an HVAC technician will uncover any small repairs that need to be made to optimize your system. If you notice any problems with how your heat pump is producing heat or air conditioning, schedule maintenance before the problem gets bigger.

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Grove Heating & Cooling is proud to provide homeowners and businesses in Columbia, MD and the surrounding areas with all of their heat pump repair needs. Give us a call today to speak with a member of our team, and schedule service if your heat pump needs to be repaired.

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