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Hot and humid summers make air conditioning systems a necessity, not a luxury. Being without a cool reprieve from the heat can be dangerous for pets, babies, and the elderly. Make sure your home is cool and comfortable before temperatures begin to rise with air conditioning maintenance from Grove Heating & Cooling.

Air conditioning maintenance is a preventative service that can help avoid the need for air conditioning repairs and replacement of your system. There are tremendous benefits to protecting your air conditioners beyond just preventing bad things. Affordable air conditioning maintenance helps your system run efficiently, improves indoor air quality and increases cooling power throughout your home. When your system runs efficiently, you’ll notice that your home and energy bills stay comfortable. Talk to Grove to schedule your appointment for air conditioning maintenance in Crownsville, MD today.

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Worth It?

Preventative maintenance can help your air conditioning system in a number of ways. First, as previously noted, air conditioning services help prevent the need for unexpected repairs. During your service appointment, one of our skilled HVAC technicians will look for signs of wear and tear on your unit’s equipment. If we notice that a part should be replaced, our technicians can do that for you. This will stop the components from breaking unexpectedly on the hottest day of the year. Maintenance is always less expensive than repairing HVAC equipment.

Air conditioning units are designed to cool your home as much as possible with as little energy as possible. Sudden energy bill spikes due to usage increases without any changes to the thermostat often indicate that your system is not running efficiently. Maintenance will ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, which can help avoid increases in energy usage. 

Most central air conditioning units last 15-20 years, but that’s not a guarantee, just an average. Some units last longer than others, and HVAC maintenance is often the reason. A new air conditioner is a big investment, so if you want your system to last as long as possible, then it’s smart to protect your investment with proper maintenance. Air conditioning systems run for a longer period of time when components are clean and calibrated properly.

Not only can you expect a longer lifespan out of your air conditioning system, but you can also save on repairs because maintenance is often required to maintain your system’s warranty. Keeping your warranty valid is smart because it can help offset the cost of repairs. If you skip air conditioner tune up, you may void your warranty. Not only is a breakdown in your system frustrating but repairs can be more expensive. This is a great reason to protect your air conditioning equipment.

What Is Done During an AC Tune Up Appointment?

On average, an air conditioning maintenance appointment takes about an hour. Every air conditioning system is unique. During that time, your technician will test your system and perform the following tasks: 

  • Inspecting and cleaning your air conditioners and cooling system thoroughly. 
  • Tightening down all connections. This includes your system’s screws, brackets, and bolts.
  • Inspecting key components like your belt, condenser cable, and blower motor and making sure they are operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Replacing your air filter, if necessary.
  • Checking coolant levels and topping them off if necessary.
  • Lubricating all of the internal components to reduce their friction and increase their efficiency.
  • Calibrating your thermostat to ensure it is working properly.

If you have any specific issues that you’d like to discuss with your technician about your air conditioning equipment, be sure to let them know at your maintenance appointment.

When Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance should be done on an annual basis. Every spring, before you turn your air conditioning unit on for the first time, is the ideal time to have maintenance performed. However, the team at Grove Heating & Cooling is happy to provide maintenance whenever you call us at any time in the season. 

We serve customers all throughout the Crownsville, MD area, and our calendars for air conditioning maintenance fill up fast. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get you on our maintenance schedule. Give us a call today to schedule your air conditioning services. 

What Can I Do To Maintain My AC Unit Myself?

While it’s best to have a professional HVAC technician do all the dirty work of tightening and inspecting your air conditioner, there are a few things you can do to keep your air conditioner’s performance up.

  • Change your air filter on a regular basis. Every 30-90 days is recommended.
  • Keep your outdoor unit clean. Make sure grass or twigs doesn’t blow into the unit. Remove any debris like sticks and leaves from getting into your unit.
  • Find and fix air leaks in your home. This can prevent cool air from escaping and keep your home at an even temperature.
  • Close your blinds on sunny days to prevent rooms from becoming warmer than others.
  • Make sure your ceiling fan is spinning counterclockwise to create a downdraft. This will provide a breeze in your room and will help you avoid touching the thermostat on hot days. 

How Can I Remember to Make an AC Tune Up Appointment Regularly?

If air conditioning maintenance has been on your to-do list for months, but you keep putting it off every time, the team at Grove can help. We offer maintenance membership plans to make staying on top of HVAC maintenance easy. When it’s time for maintenance, we’ll contact you to make an appointment based on your schedule. Choose from one of our plans based on your needs. Some plans include things like discounts on services. We also offer warranties on all of our repairs. Give us a call today to sign up, and never miss a maintenance appointment again!

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