Signs Your Ductless Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

A ductless air conditioner can be a great tool to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy efficient, but like any other HVAC system, they require regular maintenance and sometimes need repairs. Grove Heating & Cooling explores some common signs that indicate you should call an HVAC technician for ductless air conditioner repair. Keeping an eye open for these signs will help take care of problems quickly and keep your ductless AC running smoothly all season long!

Signs You Need Ductless Air Conditioning System Repair

There are certain signs to watch out for that indicate when ductless air conditioner repair is necessary. Knowing when something appears off with your ductless system and responding immediately may help avoid expensive repairs or the risk of a malfunction in the future. Here are some signs that may point to the need for ductless air conditioner repair. 

1.  Your air conditioner is making strange noises

If your ductless air conditioner is making strange noises, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Common sounds that may indicate a problem include grinding, squealing, or clicking noises. If you hear any of these noises coming from your ductless air conditioner, it’s best to call for help.

2.  The air coming from your unit is not as cold as it used to be

If the air coming from an indoor unit is not as cold as it used to be, it may be a sign that your ductless air conditioning equipment is not working as efficiently as it should. This could be due to a number of different issues, such as a dirty or clogged air filter or low refrigerant levels caused by a refrigerant leak. If you notice these problems, it’s time to call us for ductless mini split air conditioner repair.

3.  Your energy bills are higher than usual

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than usual, it may be a sign that your ductless air conditioner is not working properly. A number of different factors can cause this issue, such as an inefficient compressor or obstructions of the outdoor unit. When there’s a problem present, the system can consume excess energy to make up for any loss of performance it causes. If you notice this problem, professional ductless air conditioner repair can help bring your energy bills down again.

4.  There is water pooling around your ductless air conditioner unit

Water pooling below ductless air conditioning systems can be a sign of a clog in the condensate drain line. If you notice this problem, it’s important to call us for help right away so that the leak can be repaired before any further damage occurs.

5. Ice forms on the indoor coil

When it comes to ductless air conditioners, a frozen indoor coil is a common problem. Moisture in the air can freeze the evaporator coil if the coil is dirty or if there’s a problem with condensate drainage from the unit. Running the unit with ice on the coils can cause damage to the coils and elsewhere in the system. Fixing this problem requires specialized knowledge, tools, and cleaning products that an ordinary person won’t have access to – that’s why it’s important to call us for ductless air conditioner repair when this happens.

6. The unit’s controls aren’t working properly

If your ductless air conditioner’s controls aren’t working properly, the problem might lie with the system’s reversing valve or an electrical malfunction. These issues require the help of experienced ductless air conditioner repair technicians who are trained in diagnosing the cause of the problem accurately and implementing the necessary fixes.

Ductless Air Conditioner Repair in Maryland

If you’re experiencing any of the signs listed above, it is time to call in a professional for ductless air conditioner repair. Grove Heating & Cooling has been serving homeowners and businesses in the area since 2004, so we have plenty of experience in dealing with all sorts of issues with ductless AC systems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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