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Emergency 24/7 HVAC Repair Service in Edgewater

At Grove Heating and Cooling, we’re known for being honest and fair in all of our services, always prioritizing what’s best for the health and safety of our customers. Plus, we understand that every Edgewater, MD home is different and requires a customized, relevant solution. If our solution doesn’t provide 100% satisfaction, we’ll remove it or replace it.

At Grove Heating and Cooling, we repair and install all types of HVAC equipment including heat pumps, ductless mini-split units, air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, and more. We even repair and install water heaters too!

If you have an emergency, we’re ready to help. Just call our emergency service line 410-881-2451 if your needs are outside of regular business hours.

Edgewater Heating Service

When heating units develop problems, they usually happen right at the worst possible time – right in the middle of winter. Your best action is to call in for a prompt and professional heating repair service. After that, you’ll want to keep up with heating maintenance to ensure that these kinds of issues don’t happen again. If you need heating services in Edgewater, MD don’t hesitate to contact us. We perform the following services:

Edgewater Cooling Service

Cooling units develop problems just like your heating systems. Grove offers complete solutions for:

Our professionals know the Edgewater community, including the extra care required for historic or complex buildings. Our team is familiar with the area’s unique building codes and mindful of the steps necessary to install, repair, or service HVAC equipment within compliance. 

Edgewater Water Heater Service

Your home is not complete without a functional water heater! Whether it’s to supply hot water to your kitchen sink, or if it’s to your bathroom shower and bath, your home comfort depends on this. If the time for water heater repair service in Edgewater, MD, you can count on the plumbers at Grove to help. We’re specialists in installation of tank or tankless systems too. You can’t go wrong with us. Call today to schedule services.

Make HVAC Maintenance Easy with Preventive Service Plans

We know you’re busy. It’s easy to overlook heating and air tune-ups and other maintenance. To make this household responsibility easier, Grove offers a variety of service plans for your heating and air equipment. Choose from the three most popular levels or customize it to your specific household. It’s important to find the best option for your home’s system. 

Membership includes priority scheduling, longer warranties, and major discounts on repairs, if necessary. In fact, we often hear from Edgewater residents that the savings from these plan benefits pay for the membership itself! Keep HVAC routine maintenance simple with a plan from Grove.

Get a Free Estimate and Quit Overspending on Heating and Air Repairs

If you’ve had it with repeated HVAC repairs, request a free quote from Grove. We love to counsel Edgewater homeowners with second opinions. 

Many problems begin with a wrong-sized HVAC unit. Don’t let an HVAC contractor upsell with the promise of a “bigger air conditioner is better.” It’s crucial a qualified HVAC contractor performs the correct calculations. An incorrectly sized HVAC system creates the same problems as before, like frozen coils or short cycling. Before you make your final decision, we encourage you to check with us.

We offer finance options for new gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and other equipment. Spread out payments and enjoy a new warranty, lower operating costs, greater comfort, as well as improved air quality.

Special Financing

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