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Millersville, MD, Furnace Repair

One thing is certain this winter in Millersville, MD – there will be several days below freezing where you’ll want to stay home and curl up with a good book and a blanket. That’s only possible with a properly functioning furnace, though.

If your furnace is exhibiting signs of problems, don’t wait to call for repair service. The longer you allow the issue to fester, the more serious – and expensive – the problem will become. This can eventually lead to a complete system breakdown that leaves you and your family in an uncomfortable and potentially even dangerous situation.

Fortunately, you have a friend in the HVAC industry: Grove Heating & Cooling. We have provided quality and trusted furnace repair services to homeowners in Millersville, MD and the surrounding area since 2004. You can trust that our NATE-certified technicians will be at your home on time and provide the services you need to get your furnace back up and running again. Contact us today to schedule service.

Furnace Repair

What Are Some Common Signs Your Millersville, MD Furnace Needs a Repair?

Furnaces obviously can’t talk to you and let you know when there are issues. But by paying close attention, they’ll often exhibit signs that alert you to the need for repair. Calling Grove for help at the first sign often saves cost of repair and stress on the rest of the furnace. Common indicators include:

High Energy Bills

If your monthly energy bills have skyrocketed compared to the same time a year ago, then something is wrong. Some common culprits include leaky ducts and clogged filters. Unfortunately, higher bills can also be caused by an old and inefficient furnace that needs to be replaced.

Inefficient System

Furnace inefficiency is also commonly caused by the same issues that lead to high energy bills. If you’re noticing weak airflow from vents or hot and cold spots around the home, contact Grove Heating & Cooling.

Strange Sounds

If your furnace is making a racket, that’s not normal, as furnaces are relatively quiet when operating properly. Banging or rattling noises likely mean there is a loose or broken part that needs to be replaced.

Odd Odors

Odors should also be checked by a professional immediately. Musty odors could indicate the presence of mold in the furnace, while a burning smell could signal an electrical issue.

Thermostat Issues

In some cases, it’s the thermostat that’s the problem and not the furnace. Erratic startups or powering down prematurely are indications your thermostat is malfunctioning.

Should My Millersville, MD Furnace Be Repaired or Replaced?

Many Millersville, Maryland homeowners often ask us whether they can get by with a furnace repair or whether they need complete replacement and installation service. Our team provides clear and concise explanations of the condition of your furnace and repairs needed. We offer consultation so you can make the most informed decision for your home. 

When to Consider Repair Service

  • The furnace is less than 15 years old, and the repair is relatively minor.
  • The furnace is still under warranty.
  • No history of repairs.

When to Consider Replacement

  • The repair cost is significant.
  • The unit is 10 or more years old and has not been well maintained.
  • The unit experiences frequent repairs.

What Type of Furnace Repairs Does Grove Perform?

Our team trains extensively on all types of heating and cooling equipment. When you hire Grove you gain HVAC certified technicians versed in the latest technology. Beyond extensive training the certified technicians at Grove are experienced in all major brands of furnaces. Some of our most common furnace repair services include:

  • Burner
  • Fan Belt Replacement
  • Fan Blade Replacement
  • Blower Motor Replacement
  • Thermostat Recalibration
  • Electrical Ignition
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Air Filters
  • And More!

Contact Grove for Trusted Furnace Repair in Millersville, MD

If you don’t want to deal with frequent furnace repairs, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance service. Your furnace should be tuned up once a year, preferably in the fall, to make sure it’s ready to take on the heating season. Well-maintained furnaces are much less likely to break down when they’re needed the most during the winter. For furnace maintenance, repair and installation service, contact the trusted technicians at Grove Heating & Cooling to schedule service in Millersville, Crofton, Bowie and Annapolis, MD.

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