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Dehumidifiers are needed when humidity levels become high enough to make it uncomfortable for you. The spring and fall months are usually the most humid since the outside temperature is generally mild enough that your AC doesn’t run long enough to remove the excess moisture in the air. You’ll also need dehumidifiers during the summer when humidity levels are significantly higher due to extreme temperatures.

Dehumidifiers are excellent for getting rid of musty smells and preventing mold. They can remove moisture from the air to eliminate odors and bacteria, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.
Humidity is not something you should ignore when it comes to your health. Proper humidity levels keep the air in your home healthy, and too much or too little of it can cause various problems, including an uncomfortable amount of moisture in the air. If you find yourself dealing with these issues, Grove Heating & Cooling can help. We offer dehumidifier installation services for homes in Odenton, MD.

Installing a Whole Home Dehumidifier Has Many Advantages

Odenton, MD, homes are exposed to high humidity levels during the summer months. When relative humidity reaches 60% or more for several days in a row, mold growth increases, causing respiratory issues and allergies. Dehumidifiers have several advantages, including the following:

Reducing the Levels of Humidity

High levels of excess moisture in Odenton, MD, can cause damage to your floors and walls. High humidity levels can also cause mold to grow on your walls and other surfaces, which residents should avoid. Installing a dehumidifier in your house is the best way to keep it dry throughout the summer months. That way your family can breathe easier and avoid respiratory conditions and other issues caused by overly humid indoor air.

Preventing Mold from Growing

Mold can be found in several places in your home, but one of the most common areas is the basement. The damp and dark conditions are fantastic for mold to grow and breed and can create a potentially dangerous environment for you and your loved ones. A whole house dehumidifier can keep your basement at a consistently lower humidity level, making it possible to prevent mold from growing over time.

Creating a More Relaxing Environment

With lower air temperatures during the spring, summer, and early fall seasons, your home will be more comfortable, and you can avoid the dangers of humidity.

Reducing Energy Costs

The optimal indoor relative humidity is between 30 and 50%. When indoor levels are above 50%, the air conditioning system struggles to remove excess humidity. This can lead to higher energy bills, as the AC will have to run longer to maintain the desired temperature. However, when you install a dehumidifier, you can look forward to lower energy bills and a more comfortable home environment.

Grove Heating & Cooling Offers Proactive Dehumidifier Service and Repair

When cleaning a humidifier, we recommend checking and cleaning the unit every six months to keep it in good working order for the entire summer. To clean a dehumidifier, soak both the filter and the water reservoir in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Once that is done, let them dry before using them again. Dehumidifiers work by condensing moisture from humid air through a sealed container. This allows you to empty it without exposing it to the atmosphere.

If your whole house dehumidifier breaks down, contact a professional. Some typical repairs include leaks and overflows, while others deal with ice or frost formation. Grove Heating & Cooling has years of experience and can care for your dehumidifier throughout its useful life. We aim to be your best choice for your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs.

Schedule Dehumidifier Service with Grove Heating & Cooling

If you are deciding if a whole house dehumidifier is the best solution for your home, Grove Heating & Cooling is your go-to source for dehumidifiers in the Odenton area. We know that our customers want their dehumidifiers to perform at their best, and we strive to make sure every one of our customers is confident in the performance of their unit. If you’re having any trouble with yours, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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