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Emergency 24/7 HVAC Repair Service in Odenton

Grove Heating and Cooling is an HVAC and water heater company that puts your safety and comfort above all else. Every home and business needs a different solution, and that those solutions must be as safe as they are effective and affordable. We’ve served the residents of Odenton under these principles for more than 15 years, and we’re not changing that any time soon. You can count on us for 100% satisfaction for air conditioning service or water heater installation service-any less and we’ll take full responsibility.

If you have an emergency in Odenton, we’re ready to help. Please call our emergency service line 410-881-2451 if you need urgent heating and air repairs outside of regular business hours.

Quality Heating Service

Proper heating installation and repair is crucial to the performance of your system. A system that’s too powerful-or not powerful enough for the home will only create more problems down the line. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that your heating replacements and installations are perfect for your home. Every home is different, so we’ll give yours nothing less than a customized estimate. We also perform the following heating services in Odenton, MD:

You Need Odenton Heating Service If…

You Need to Keep Turning Up the Thermostat

Let’s assume that you were comfortable with your heating set to a certain temperature. But as time goes on, you find that that temperature is not comfortable anymore and you have to set the heat a couple of degrees higher. It makes no sense to wait until this point before you go ahead and get your heating system repaired.

Strange Noises/Smells

Another sign that your heater is in need of repair is when it starts emitting strange noises or sounds. These might be chemical-type smells that might indicate that there is a gas leak within the heater. Or the heating sytem might make a loud whirring sound when the compressor comes on. If either of these is occurring with your unit, then be sure to call your HVAC contractor.

System Is Running But the Thermostat Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, you’ll also find that you keep changing the temperature on the thermostat but the temperature in your home doesn’t change. This could mean that the rest of the heating is functioning fine but the thermostat itself is broken. This could be because of rough handling or if you changed the temperature one too many times. Our team helps explain the highest quality thermostat for your home and installs the latest technology for you.

Dependable Water Heater Service in Odenton, MD

Any water heater needs routine service, even if it’s fairly new. Why? Because regular preventive maintenance:

  • Extends the useful life of the equipment; you won’t have to replace it as soon
  • Prevents costly water heater repair and installation service calls by catching issues while they’re minor and easily resolved
  • Increases efficiency and therefore reduces energy consumption
  • Is required to validate most manufacturer warranties

If you can improve the efficiency of a machine, it costs less to operate it. Energy efficiency improvements can save money on your utility bill.

Odenton, MD Air Conditioning and Comfort Systems

Grove also provides a variety of services for your air conditioner. Whether it’s installing a new system, maintenance work, or emergency repair services, you can count on Grove HVAC to help you keep cool in Odenton, MD.

Looking for a new type of cooling system that can help boost your indoor air quality? Ask us about ductless mini splits. These systems can both heat and cool a space, are easy to install, and they can provide individual temperature zones so there’s no more fighting over the thermostat. If your mini split isn’t working properly, you can still count on Grove for repairs. Another option to help boost your indoor air quality installing equipment to maintain ideal indoor humidity levels including humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Book your appointment today!

Preventive Service Plans? They Make HVAC Maintenance Easy!

We know you’re busy. It’s easy to forget to book AC tune-ups and other maintenance. To ease the burden of this responsibility, Grove offers a variety of service plans for your heating and cooling equipment. Choose from the three most popular options, or, if you prefer, customize a plan to your specific equipment. We’re happy to help you find the best combo for your home’s HVAC system.

In addition, membership includes extended warranties, priority scheduling, and major discounts on necessary repairs. In fact, we often hear from Odenton homeowners that these plan benefits pay for the membership itself! Keep HVAC routine maintenance simple with a plan from Grove.

Get a Free Quote and Eliminate the Frequency of Heating and Air Repairs 

If you’re tired of constant HVAC repairs, request a free estimate from Grove. We are happy to offer counsel to Odenton homeowners with second opinions. After all, many ongoing problems begin with an HVAC unit that isn’t properly sized for the space.

At Grove, we offer finance options for new ductless mini-split units, air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other equipment. Enjoy greater comfort, a new warranty, lower operating costs, improved air quality, and spread your payments out over time.

Special Financing

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