Whole House Humidifiers in Pasadena, MD

Whole House Humidifiers in Pasadena, MD

Heating systems in Pasadena, Maryland are an obvious necessity to protect your family against the frigid winter weather. Indoor air quality can be improved to guard your family against other common winter ailments. Dry skin, bloody noses, asthma, allergies and many other health issues are magnified during the winter. Many of these issues relate directly to dry air.

Grove Heating and Cooling installs humidifiers to improve the indoor air quality within your home. As a local business, we understand these devices improve the well-being of our community and friends. Our NATE-certified technicians train year-round on the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. By providing free estimates, our team applies our knowledge and skill to assess your home. 

Once we determine how a humidifier can improve the indoor air quality within your home, we explain each step of the installation and operations. We take the time to carefully listen to your concerns and provide clear answers. 

Our goal is to form lifelong relationships with our community. When you hire Grove Heating and Cooling, you gain a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. We provide complete maintenance, repair and installation services throughout Pasadena and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in a whole house humidifier, contact our team

Humidifier Installation

Signs of Dry Air

Cold air holds less moisture so winter weather in Pasadena always brings dry air. Indoor environments can be even drier than outdoor air. Dry air feels uncomfortable, and if you suspect you are suffering from dry air in your home, you should consider adding a humidifier. Common signs of dry indoor air include:

Increased static electricity

If you walk across your carpet and lightning bolts come off of your socks, dry air may be to blame. You may often notice clothes, drapes and other fabrics sticking together.

Discomfort on skin

Dry skin, hands and cracked lips occur for many reasons in the winter. Cold air draws moisture from your skin, and when indoor humidity is low, you feel it. Even if you don’t see flakes or scaly skin, dry eyes and itchiness are symptoms of a larger problem in your home’s air. 

Increased allergies, asthma and respiratory irritation

While humidity cannot prevent cold and flu season, dry air aggravates already irritated immune systems. Dry air impacts family members with allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. Moist air helps to contain airborne dust, debris and irritants. When air is dry, particles may linger in the air longer. Already dry and irritated mucous membranes in your nose, sinuses and throat quickly lead to health issues. 

Cracked and damaged wood

Wood surfaces including furniture, flooring, cabinets and molding may suffer damage from fluctuations in humidity and arid conditions. Just like your skin, dry air can draw moisture from the wood. Cracks, warping and chips are all symptoms of dry conditions.

Benefits of Humidifier

There are simple solutions to all of these signs of dry air. Adding a humidifier balances the moisture levels within your home. Humidifiers relieve many symptoms of respiratory issues and improve comfort within every room of your home. A humidifier is quite simple to operate. The device mounts into your HVAC system. Within the humidifier is a small humidistat. Monitoring the relative humidity within the air circulating into your furnace, the humidistat triggers the humidifier when the air is too dry. Water is added to the air through droplets or vapor. Your furnace does the rest, moving warm, ideally humid air throughout your home. 

Once humidity is stable you protect your health and the condition of expensive wood surfaces. Airborne dust is often reduced as tiny particles remain in the water vapor depositing in the air filter instead of your home’s surfaces. Finally, humid air feels more comfortable so often your thermostat settings can be reduced saving money on energy use.

Contact Grove to Install a Humidifier in Pasadena

When you call on Grove, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our technicians help you choose the best humidifier for your home and explain how the installation process works. Once installed, humidifiers work for many years without the need for excessive maintenance or repairs. When you do need service on any of your home service equipment from heating and cooling to air quality, you can call Grove in Pasadena, Maryland. We are a local company dedicated to providing friendly and effective solutions.

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