Choosing the Right HVAC Company in Maryland

When choosing a Heating and Cooling company in Maryland there are many things to consider; Trust, Experience, Size, Support, Value.  A rare few will choose purely on cost, save a few dollars on the install but pay several times more in higher utility bills, have problems with their HVAC on a regular basis and their system will fail prematurely with no equipment or labor warranty.  Others will choose on recommendation from a friend, which can work great.   Most will do a little research and even call to speak with their prospective company, get an estimate and learn to make an informed decision.  Those home and business owners often get the best results for their HVAC system in Maryland.  This week we will cover the importance of Trust & Experience when choosing the right HVAC company in Maryland for You.

Choosing the right HVAC company in MDYou want a HVAC contractor you can Trust because as a homeowner you are relying on their expertise to listen to your needs, help in the decision, install and maintain your system.  Which will be inside your home or business, keeping your family comfortable, your pipes from freezing, your utility bills efficient and your indoor air quality high.  Trust is needed because your air conditioning unit and your furnace (or other heating system) is complex and often dangerous to work on without proper safety training with the gas and / or electricity involved.  You want honest, clear communication about the system you are getting and how it will meet your needs, how long it will last and any maintenance to help save money and ensure comfort.  Checking reviews online is a great way to get started with learning about that Trust.  Many are skeptical of unknown online reviews but facebook has an added advantage in that you can see your friends and legitimate “people” who have taken the time to write about their experience with the company.  We are proud of our “grove heating and cooling facebook 37 reviews 5 out of 5“  Angie’s list reviews can build trust and we have 123 Angie’s List reviews spanning seven years as well.  Other sites reviews can also build trust as you can see who the people are and all their reviews such as Google reviews of Grove Heating & Cooling 4.9 out of 5 with over 40 reviewers.  Trust is built over time, which leads us to our next item on the list, Experience.

Commercial A/C in MarylandYou want a HVAC company with the Experience to have

  • Respect for Your Home and Family
  • Worked out the learning curve in their own business processes
  • Know the local conditions year after year, heat & humidity of summer & cold of winter
  • Intimate Knowledge of their equipment
  • Precise Skills with their Services
  • Have built a successful relationship with suppliers & manufacturers
  • Have experience working with other local contractors

Experience as a heating and cooling contractor in Maryland means you know your local towns.  We provide service covering Central Maryland and that includes knowing the local knowledge of places like the historic Annapolis,  the waterfront of Pasadena, Laurel, Bowie, the mix of old and new buildings in College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and the diversity of homes and businesses in Davidsonsville.  All of the central Maryland areas have taught us unique things about the driving rains, thunderstorms, snow, heat, hail, leaves and falling limbs and humidity. We’ve learned how to install outdoor components in a certain way with proper foundations to stand the animals, insects and environment.

Our Experience also carries over to inside your home.  Doing the real work to listen to your needs and how you will use the space.  Accurate measurement of the living space and what heating and cooling systems size and efficiency will be dependable and comfortable.  Experience shows in how a company interacts with your family.  Our Experience shows in how we interact with your family, our core values of:  Integrity, Kindness and Hard Work aren’t just words in a slogan – They are real world values that we provide with every service call.  These core values have been vital in our growth and reputation.  Make sure your choice in HVAC has the right level and Trust and Experience for you.  

Next week we will cover a Heating and Cooling company’s Size, Support and Value.

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