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We wrote last week about the unusually mild start to August and wondering how long it would last as a Heating and Cooling company in Maryland.  Well we got our answer this week as the heat and humidity is back with thunderstorms and rains throughout the day.  As this occurs we get into friendly conversations with new home owners who want the experience of a HVAC company on what is the best practice on keeping the monthly utility bills low when this type of weather occurs.

The best advice we can give is to resist quick and drastic changes to your thermostat.  When you turn the air conditioning off and open the windows for even a day you allow a tremendous amount of humidity into the home.  Then closing up the home and deciding to turn on the AC when the next day is Hot and Humid.  This means that the dehumidifier in the system has to work much harder to drive out the moisture in the air.  It also means that the internal temperature of the home is higher and the contents of the home (furniture, internal walls, flooring…) are also in need of cooling to bring the entire home back to a desired temperature.  So when you see that the week’s temps are going to be hot and humid except for one day it is best practice to keep the house closed, the HVAC system on during that one “questionable” day.

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This is much the same question as “How low should a change my thermostat when gone away from the home in the middle of the day?”  Every home is unique but many credible studies have proved that large changes to the thermostat over short periods of time will not save you money, but will actually increase your costs.  We are glad to help and answer any HVAC questions you may have.  Feel free to contact us with all you Heating and Cooling needs as an industry leading HVAC company serving all of central Maryland.

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