Can You Put a Ductless Mini Split in a Basement?

You’ve finally got round to converting your basement. You’ve created your dream, cozy relaxation station. Life is good.

The only thing is, you’re unsure of what heating and cooling system to use.

With many different systems to choose from, the first thing you’re probably going to think about is not breaking the bank. With that being said, you’re also going to want a system that is effective and efficient.

Cue the reliable ductless mini split system.

A ductless system can provide you with the precise comfort you want, but you’ll also have a system that can guarantee you high-energy savings and control over the temperature of your basement. It’s a win-win.

Challenges in Basement Cooling

You’ve already got a fabulous air conditioner installed in your house. You converted your basement after the current system was installed. This means the current AC system won’t be connected to your basement. Because of the added square footage the basement has created, the additional space will need to be cooled separately. When an air conditioning system is installed, the size of the system is determined by the number of square feet that needs to be cooled. This means a second air conditioning system is required.

One annoying factor of basements is they create constant dampness and humidity, which is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is something you will want to avoid, even more so when you’re using your basement as a liveable space. Keeping excess humidity at bay is essential and often ongoing.

Again, because basements are underground, some may lack windows entirely, or some may have small windows that are located at ground level (up high).

Ductless Mini Splits Can Solve All of Your Heating and Cooling Challenges

Naturally, you want your basement conversion to be comfortable, relaxing and liveable. Installing a ductless mini split means you can have all these comforts within an affordable price range.

These air conditioning systems are not only capable of giving you the exact heating and cooling measures in what is essentially an unconventional space, but they are also extremely energy efficient and powerful. They can provide you maximum comfort while ensuring that you can save those pennies.

Why You Should Install a Ductless Mini Split in Your Basement 

As previously mentioned, windows are often scarce in basements. The single-zone mini split system from Mitsubishi is ideal if you want to heat or cool a single room. They only require a small hole in the wall for a pipe. This pipe connects the inside to an outdoor unit that is mounted straight onto the wall. They are quiet, so there’s no stress of a noisy system, allowing you to relax in the peace of your new basement hideaway.

One system guarantees a dual effort. The mini split systems are designed to cool and heat a room, meaning you don’t need to install two separate orders.

Most basements also have installed dehumidifiers. With a mini split, this isn’t necessary, as they are designed with a dehumidification function that helps reduce the humidity levels in your basement. Low humidity levels = no more mold!

The systems are also extremely energy efficient. The mini splits are less likely to lose power because of the lack of ductwork. The elimination of air ducts gives the mini splits a massive advantage over traditional cooling systems. This is because they guarantee no leaky ductwork, something that often poses significant problems in most households. Also, it’s so much cheaper than adding more ductwork when adding the finishing additions to your home!

They are also Energy Star certified and come with high energy-efficiency ratings. The systems have functions that can help you reach your desired temperature without consuming too much energy. More often than not, they are designed with special energy-saving features that help you keep tabs on your energy consumption.

Because of the humidity and sometimes mold levels, the air purity in basements isn’t always the healthiest. The ductless mini systems boast an advanced air filtration system that guarantees excellent quality air. They can reduce humidity and remove most of the bacteria in the air, giving you peace of mind knowing the air that you’re breathing in is pure and oxidized. Alongside the purification of the air, the mini splits are also great at removing the well known damp basement smell.

Bottom Line

With their low energy costs and energy efficiency, a ductless mini split air conditioning system is perfect for any basement. It’s a must for home improvement and a must for the wallet. With a ductless mini split installed in your basement, you can breathe easily, find that perfect temperature and enjoy your new comfy surroundings in what once was a little old basement.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Grove Heating & Coolings top-of-the-line Mitsubishi mini split systems, schedule an appointment with us today.

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