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There are several good choices for controlling your heating and cooling systems in Central Maryland, but WiFi might be the most convenient. At first your thermostat schedule may seem sufficient. However, when you actually take a look at our ever changing lives you’ll see how comfortable a Wifi thermostat can make your home. Being able to pick up your phone, tablet or laptop and have the house nice and comfortable is a great feature.  We Can Help.
If you are laying in bed, early morning and remember that this is a holiday or your day off and you wish the heat would kick on and keep the house nice and toasty for the family while you catch another hour of rest under the covers you can reach for your mobile phone and make it happen. When your loved ones call and let you know that they will be stopping by you can have the house ready while you’re away. When you’re on a trip for the weekend and realize you could save a few dollars but forgot to turn down the heat you can save right from your tablet or phone.
HVAC WiFi Thermostats

A WiFi Thermostat may Save Money, Time & Comfort

As we service all of central Maryland with heating and cooling systems we are glad to help with the latest in HVAC services.  There are several manufacturers of WiFi Thermostats, one of the most tested and popular is Honeywell.  They offer a selection of models to choose from and we can help with all of them.  Installation and operation will vary as some models include a touchscreen option, still others have motion sensors, while others are more traditional with a 7 day schedule to keep you comfortable.  WiFi Thermostat

When you have the unexpected Vacation and you want to be able to set the home heating or cooling system to save money or increase comfort so the temperature is perfect when you walk in the door a WiFi Thermostat may be the right choice for you. 

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