HVAC for Building Managers in Maryland

Building managers have a challenging job when it comes to choosing the right HVAC company in Maryland.  We have compiled a few helpful thoughts from our decades of providing heating, cooling and air quality services to commercial buildings.  To be sure, finding the right commercial HVAC company in Maryland has great effects on the comfort and dependability of your building and tenants.

building manager choice for HVAC company1) Do your Research

Researching for the right company will give you a Huge advantage.   Sure you’ll want to research the needs of your HVAC system but you want to do the research into the HVAC company itself. Get to know the company.  Do they Listen to Your Questions & Concerns?

Do the HVAC Company have:

  • Experience?
  • Connections into the industry?
  • Warranties?
  • Guarantees?
  • The proper sized Staff to handle installations, maintenance and replacements?
  • Financial strength and partners to handle your needs?
  • Emergency Response Services?
  • 24 / 7 call service?
  • Pleasant to Deal with?
  • Planned Maintenance services?
  • Excellent Communication to cut through industry Jargon and keep you Truly informed?
  • Accredited?
  • Insured?
  • Pass on Tax Credits and Rebates?
  • Reviews and Testimonials?

Some of these things on the list may seem simple.  After decades of working with many commercial building and managers we’ve found these are all quite important to a successful relationship.

2) This is Long Term, Choose Wisely

HVAC systems last for a long time and we are seeing these heating and cooling systems lifespan expand in many cases. That means you will want the proper sized, properly quality heating and cooling unit to meet your needs and keep your tenants comfortable.  Having a quality unit means more peace of mind in the Scorching heat and humidity of Summer and the Frigid snow and hail storms of Winter.  Being served for years with the right size, quality and improper HVAC installation is the goal of all building managers.

3) Plan Ahead

Waiting till the last minute and some heating or cooling crisis occurs means you’ll be scrambling and odds are you’ll make a less informed decision.  Ask for a meeting with your prospective Commercial HVAC company.  A good way to do this is have the company come out for an inspection or maintenance of your existing system.  Planning ahead when choosing your commercial heating and cooling company can help to find the right fit and avoid those emergency panic calls to whoever will answer the phone.

4) Commercial HVAC Costs & Value in Maryland

Many budgets for commercial buildings are concerned with the cost of the HVAC system itself.  That is reasonable however don’t forget Value of the Commercial HVAC company. That is important but don’t be lulled into a low priced system undersized unit for short term gains when the monthly utility bills will quickly outweigh the initial costs.  Choosing a low quality system for short term gains can also lead to high maintenance and a short lifespan. Choosing the right heating and cooling company will help to avoid low quality and will mean long term gains that last for decades.  While costs of the initial system and monthly utility bills can seem confusing a good HVAC company will listen to your needs and partner with you to find the right fit for you and your commercial building.


As a building manager knowing, “How to choose a Commercial HVAC company in Maryland” can bring real value to your building and services. When you do your Research, setting Long term goals , Plan Wisely and consider the Costs/Value you’ll find peace of mind and a smooth, money saving HVAC partner for your commercial building needs in Maryland.

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